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Loans For Self-employed Individuals


Congratulations…You are self-employed.

  • You love being your own boss
  • You love being able to make your own hours
  • You love being able to write off everything to lower your taxable income and pay less taxes

You HATE the fact that when you need to get a loan…you do not show enough income to qualify for the loan.

Omni-Fund can help!

We understand the benefits and the challenges of being self-employed.  We have special loan programs specifically for self-employed individuals.  Here are some examples of the lending programs we offer:

  •  SISA – Stated Income / Stated Asset Loan Programs
    • No tax returns or 4506T
  • Bank Statement Loan Programs with no tax returns
    • Need to show a business license, business permit or letter from CPA
    • 24 consecutive months of bank statements
    • We will take a percentage of all deposits and count that as your income to qualify for the loan
  • Asset Depletion Loan Programs – Percentage of your assets count towards your income calculation


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